An artist page to position he’s an artist on the digital era. So, we added an articles section where the artist can talk about art exhibitions and events, art history and he’s point of view, talk about other artist and most important show case he’s art.


The choice for this was to use a strong CMS to power the articles section, use Facebook Instant Articles to replicate the articles in this social network. Added Opt ins and Mail chimp to generate an email list to send valuable information.



We created a graphic that wraps an abstraction of the landscape and converting this to a monogram to add a reference to the artist last name.  so we could have a logo for easy recognition on the web and on social networks.

we section the page with color blocks to distinguish the core concepts, from the main slider that shows recent activities, to a secondary section that conveys events, artist in the look, revise lectures and the artist views about he’s works.  Also we give the web presence a clean and modern look.


Alex Vaught has he’s studio at Mexico City and we would like to invite you to visit he’s web site and get to know he’s work.


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