A vacation web site that serves the Mexican south east resources such as Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Bacalar Lagoon and other beautiful sites.

The premise to this site was to enable the user to get most of the site information and get an accurate decision of the type of adventure he or she would like to book. To create a living experience of the Quintana Roo’s Caribbean.

We divided the site on two major’s points. Articles and Adventures. An article will talk about the place in a invited manner and an Adventure will talk to about the actual experience and it will give the user the chance to book its adventure.

Using the power of CMS WordPress to power the creation of Facebook Instant Articles to help inform its social networking users of news about the island resources and the best adventures that are available now.

We use Opt ins with Mail chimp to generate a mailing list to distribute the site promotions and instant articles to the site users.

We added a countdown for the Whale shark season to encourage booking on the main page.



We start the design development by redesigning its branding, we choose the sun, the waves and sand as the image that would englobe the experience of the vacation.  And use the name of Caribbean paradise to invite the user to the actual place that is the Mexican Caribbean sea and its beaches.

We also created additional uses for the branding. So, it can be implemented on different merchandise types. Such as T-shirts, caps and others.


Caribbean paradise has its home location at Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico. We would like to invite you to visit its web site and give them a try for your next vacation adventure.

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