Autodisplay needed a web sales access point to showcase its car accessories products, the line we take to achieved this was propose a content strategy of varying informative articles and its products in a revolving manner.  So, the articles will use an inviting voice to talk about products in a subtle manner and present those as an Instant Article in the social network Facebook.

For the this we use WordPress CMS power for the articles and Woocomerce for the front store using Paypal payment for the actual transaction.

We added a chat so their customer could reach in a fast manner the store admin to answer questions, add suggestions or even give them complains to an actual person.

Also, we use Opt-ins for to invite the user to get in Autodisplay mailing list so they can create mail chimp promotions and events.


We start the design development by redesigning its branding, we choose the sun, the waves and sand as the image that would englobe the experience of the vacation.  And use the name of Caribbean paradise to invite the user to the actual place that is the Mexican Caribbean sea and its beaches.

We also created additional uses for the branding. So, it can be implemented on different merchandise types. Such as T-shirts, caps and others.


Caribbean paradise has its home location at Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico. We would like to invite you to visit its web site and give them a try for your next vacation adventure.

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